To say that the last few years have been difficult is an understatement so many companies have had no choice but to close their business.  Even though you are still trading does not mean that the pressure has eased, you still have wages, overheads and bills to pay – the stress that this can cause is phenomenal. We are sure that when you made the decision to establish your business this is not what you expected.  Many of the businesses we have spoken to feel let down by the banks and the government, they feel that they have been unsupported and left to ride the financial storm alone. 

Understandably many business owners are looking for solutions, a way to put them back in control of their livelihood and life.  There are many options available, you can simply close your doors and lose everything that you have worked so hard for, you can do nothing and wait for the decision to be made for you by a creditor OR you can sell your business.  You may not have considered this as a viable option before. Do you genuinely know what your business is worth? It may be worth more than you think. 

When you have sold your business you would be released from the strain that you are currently feeling, you would have the funds to start again or if the time is right, to retire.  Your company will be  professionally valued.  The assessment is free and there is no obligation.  We are sure you will be pleasantly surprised with the findings!

If you would like more information or a friendly, informal chat please do not hesitate to contact us.  We like to keep things simple.

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