IPO Listing

Are you ready to punch above your weight and be part of a team of business owners all helping you succeed and having tradable shares with demonstrable value?

We have created this breakthrough governance structure that enables business owners to continue running their own business and have a reasonable amount of control over the overall entity PLC, and its direction and strategy and you have protection in place for shareholders so that they can invest in those businesses.

You still have full control of your company. You are now part of a global PLC working with other successful business owners who have built multi-million-pound companies in the same sector but are geographically diverse, all with a vested interest in making each other succeed.

If you are a business owner doing $500k to $10m Ebit, let’s talk.
We can take you public with no money down and quick as 3 months.
with this clever method.

IPO is the secret weapon, big businesses use to scale up fast without using banks or investors,

well, if you are a smart profitable business owner with a profit of $500k per year and have been operating for 3 years or more this message is for you,

We can take you public as quick as 3 months and we will fund and facilitate with no cost upfront letting you and your team carry on without disrupting your business, in doing so we can make business owners very wealthy, this way we can unlock the hidden value sitting in your business.

prime reasons why people want to join an IPO initial public offering is to provide liquidity in the business the problem with being a small business owner is that it is incredibly e-liquid, from an investors standpoint this is a huge risk in putting money into your company.

because you can’t get that money back out when you want,

when you join an IPO group, you’re now part of a publicly listed business, now your shares can be traded on a day-to-day basis and it completely d-risk it for investors they can invest money in the morning and divest in the evening

that means that if you want to sell 5% and pay off that house you can do that normally in business you don’t have that privilege.

A collaborative IPO is bringing a group of companies that are in the same sector but typically geographically diverse you bring them together and you list that group of companies on the public stock exchange the twist that we have introduced is that rather than merge all those companies together we keep every business separate so owner still on the company’s but now you have a turbocharged engine to get you there faster.

Every business is different, yet every business owner faces the same challenges let’s team up together and make a difference.

Contact us if you’re ready to IPO into Capital Markets, with no money down, every entrepreneur’s bucket list.