Direct connections drive loyalty and interest

Effectively communicating your brand identity and promoting your products and services on social media is no longer just about regular posting and advertising. Engagement and direct communication are very important in social media strategy. 

One way to connect meaningfully with customers and potential clients is through direct messaging outreach on Instagram and other platforms.

Lintz from HighKey reminds us that “Instagram DMs are as common to look at as people’s text messages.”  

Data supports this as well, showing that 47% of Millennials use Instagram as a messaging app. This should be a major area of focus for your social marketing strategy.

As an example of how this can be effective, Lintz points to his own company as a strong example of effectively leveraging direct social media communications. “Ninety percent of our business revenue has come from either us selling in the Instagram DMs or our affiliates selling in the Instagram DMs.”

I have seen the power that this type of personal connection has in driving business. I have connected with many of my clients through Instagram direct messaging. I love having the chance to chat with people who are connecting to my content. Even if they are not prospective customers, I feel that this personal connection is integral to the philosophy of my business.

In addition to direct messaging, engaging in comments and responding to outreach on social media is vital. An example of this is the fact that 77% of Twitter users had a greater appreciation for a brand when their tweet was responded to or acknowledged. If you are using social media to promote your brand, remember that you cannot let your page simply be an electronic billboard—users will expect engagement, not just content. 

Build this into your business model and make it a priority. Consistency is key. Failure to follow up on engagement in a timely manner will reflect badly on your brand and could be a killer for potential opportunities. 

If you are someone who is engaging with potential clients and customers on social media, Lintz has a good reminder: “It’s usually not a matter of ‘if’ someone will open your message and possibly respond, it’s a matter of ‘when,’ so you need to be available to immediately respond and spark up a conversation.”

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